Fields Avenue

The central nightlife scene of Balibago, known as The Walking Street and previously knows as Fields Avenue, features hundreds of girl-orientated bars as well as restaurants, hotels, and western-style nightclubs. Despite the closing of Clark Air Base, the area continues to thrive and host thousands of foreign tourists arriving on a daily basis.

Balibago can only be described as the melting pot of various cultures thus giving it the party atmosphere like no other. In a city that never sleeps, everyone is eager to show you a good time as Filipinos are well-known for their exceptional hospitality.

Praised for their tolerance to western culture, ladies are sure to entertain you regardless of your age, weight, physical appearance, interpersonal skills, wealth, or social class. Spend quality time with these fine young women in a bar scene that never closes and you will most certainly have a memorable experience.

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Although home to thousands of nightlife-based establishments, there are some that stand out from the crowd. Be sure to visit some of the biggests bars such as Atlantis, Dollhouse, Stardust, Club Ra, and Dokkaebi Bar. For those who are into more traditional nightclub experience without the girls on stage, you can't miss Aqua Beach Club, the only pool club with daytime and nighttime parties. Also a must see are High Society as well as the longest-running disco, Sky Trax.

You can learn more about some of the bars at The Walking Street via their website including The Champagne Group, responsible for Champagne and Camelot. In addition, Midnyt Cruiser, Geckos, Voodoo, Roadhouse, and Angel Witch are also part of the MAC Group of bars which you can also check online.

On your travels, you may come across the once famous A-Santos Street, more commonly recognised by ex-patriots as "Blow Road" for the obvious reasons. Although most of these bars are now closed, there are still several old-style bars full of girls to keep you entertained.

When you reach the bar scene, it won’t be long before you are star-struck for a beautiful girl. Best to call her down for a drink and initiate small talks to a little longer chats to break the ice. Angeles City is a nightlife-scene orientated around purchasing girls' drinks for commission, so you certainly don’t want to be known as a ‘cheap charlie’.

Further on, you reach the stage were you want to see this girl out of the workplace. Traditionally labelled as a bar-fine, the payment for six is illegal in the Philippines so don't feel offended if the bars hesitate. However you will find that every bar has its own procedure. All you can do is be polite and courteous to find out what the score is in the particular bar. Don’t be wandering up to any managers shouting about bar fine. Discuss this with your girl.

For those who enjoy the smiles and screams that come with being a big spender, each bar features a ‘ring the bell’ where you can buy drinks for all of the dancers and additional staff. Each bar features their own policy but often shares the same big rewards.

If you haven’t filled your appetite with all that San Miguel beer, you will find pleasure in the quality of restaurants available from the traditional foods of Margarita Station and Kokomo’s to more exotic cuisines at the likes of Fortune Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant and Picollo Padre Italian Restaurant, which you can learn more about at AngelesCity.com. The town has a large presence of Asian restaurants, primarily Korean and Japanese.

Although a large portion of tourists in the area enjoy gambling, the city only holds one major casino and several small poker rooms. Casino Filipino-Angeles is found down MacArthur Highway near the nightlife scene whilst several small poker rooms are actually inside The Walking Street. Tourists and locals alike are present is these types of entertainment.

For those looking to get away from the party lifestyle, the city does offer daytime activities. Despite having no beach, Aqua Beach Club is also a haven for relaxation with its roof-top infinity pool, in-house gym and spa, plus the best view of the sunset. Activities such as hiking, kart racing, and guided tour services are available with most travel agents. Filipinos love "malling" and SM City Clark Mall, Marquee Mall, and several other malls are nearby. For relaxation, ask about Puning Hotspring or drop by at any of the numerous massage parlors within vicinity.

Still looking for further information? Get involved with the tourist community via AngelesCity.com, or interact with others directly via the Asian Escapade Forums or PI@Night Message Board.

Please Note: As you will notice between each of your trips, establishments come and go and are often renamed under new ownership, however this online map highlights some of the longer running bars whilst you can learn more about some of the newer establishments via this Google map. Local stores and travel agencies throughout the city as well as online applications also boast regularly updated maps.